What we do

We offer various educational programs for the help provided in the form of donations: English, creative workshop, preparation for school, classes in speech therapy. The collected funds are used to help children.

Our program “Hour without illness” is aimed at distracting children from heavy treatment. This program is implemented in hospitals, where our volunteers conduct fascinating chemical experiments, and after the presentation treat children with sweet cotton.

The program “Help in treatment”. The funds collected from the boxes for donations, via SMS, through bank cards go to support, pay for the diagnosis and treatment of people with cancer, AIDS, HIV, tuberculosis.

The “Good Things” program. We accept clothes suitable for use and not having gross defects. Share your superfluous things, you are rendering all possible assistance. To do good deeds, you do not need to have a high level of income or a lot of free time. It is enough to have a sincere desire to help those who are in a difficult life situation, to be merciful and sympathetic.

The “Exchange Trade” program is held in partnership with one of the Irkutsk investment companies. Aimed at 8.9, 10.11 classes. In the classroom, the guys learn about what the stock exchange is, how to make deals, how the broker differs from the trader. The funds collected under this program are used to help children.

The program “Cocktail for Health!” Is held in cooperation with one of the Irkutsk shopping centers. When buying a cocktail, 50% of its value is transferred to the treatment of a particular patient. The action is one-time and targeted.

The program “Moydodyr”. The Foundation accepts individual detergents and personal hygiene products. The program is aimed at helping patients with tuberculosis.